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Inflatable Buoys

what is the best way for water advertising?

you can hire a boat with screen on it passing through the river as advertising media for your brand.

as well as there are some more economic ways do the same thing but with less economic costs.

for example inflatable marker buoys advertising for water marketing.

simplely inflate some inflatable marker buoys and instal them in the waters, with huge visual impact.

the most famous example is Giant Inflatable Yellow Ducks on the bay.

inflatable marker buoys also have the same meaning like the duck, althought buoys are focusing on the advertising aspect.


why use inflatable buoys for water advertising?

low cost - you pay hundred dollars even less for buiding 1-2 inflatable buoys advertising

flexible - anywhere anytime, you could bring it and instal it with 1 electric air pumps only

high efficiency - great visual impact in the river as river is vast with water - no other sign as competition

innovative design - you can pick up sort of inflatable buoys designs with different printing on it.


how many types of inflatable buoys available for water advertising?

there are some most famous designs such as

pyramid buoys + tower buoys + rectanglar buoys + cubical buoys + buoy fences etc

if you have another insperation please let us know for realize it in real


are there any other function which inflatable buoys can do?

apart from water advertising, inflatable marker buoys also could be used for the following functions

KEEP AWAY perimeter guard for safe zone

REGATA buoys instruction during yacht racing