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Pontoon Docks

how to park your water craft & jet ski on the shore?

traditional pontoon docks are made of modular plastic pontoons basing on huge modular size and heavy-duty in weights.

moreover, people have to spend much times on installing the modulars and form them up as a pontoon docks.

besides if you're a boat-lover you have to spend a lot of cost on the installation and the plastic modular costs. 

do you think if it's worthy to install such a tradtional modular pontoon docks. 

in our opinion NO.


is there a new way to park your boats instead of traditional docks?

we guess so.

you can try something new for example such a inflatable pontoon docks take shape in a time - instead of hundreds of modular plastics.

spread the inflatable pontoon docks out on the surface of the sea and inflate it in minuts with our electric air pumps.

now you are having a pontoon docks with innovative design - not traditional nor modular plastic any longer.


how inflatable pontoon docks work?

like traditional pontoon docks, our inflatable pontoon docks will floating on the water while inflated.

made of thick material which is trong and sturdy for boat-bumping during the process of parking.

besides, unlike plastic modular pontoon docks, our material is UV resistant and stable in color.

while our inflatable pontoon docks are inflated you could park the jetski on the position.

customized designs are available for different type of motor boats in width and longth.


is it expensive to use inflatable pontoon docks?

comparing to modular plastic pontoon docks, inflatable pontoon docks are economic in costs.

besides you don't have to spend time and money for extra installation such as sewing all modular plastics up.